Ivan Fuckoff


Battle to the death against invading aliens


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Ivan Fuckoff is an action-platform game starring a quirky character who, upon realizing that the world is going to hell because of an alien attack, decides to go out into the streets and fight.

Despite being a 2D platformer with a touch of action in the style of Commander Keen and Duke Nukem 1 and 2, Ivan Fuckoff also has certain roguelike elements. The levels, for example, are generated randomly each time you begin a game, so you'll never play two identical games.

During your adventure, Ivan Fuckoff (also the name of the protagonist) can use some dozen different weapons and wear almost twenty hats, and you can also modify his features – all with the aim of defeating the final six bosses waiting for you in the special levels.

The technical level of the game is also noteworthy due to its pixel art–style graphics and excellent chiptune soundtrack, composed by Oskar Handberg.

Ivan Fuckoff is a great mixture of action, platformer and roguelike. In addition to having polished and fun gameplay, it offers a hilarious story and some extra non-playable characters that will give you a good laugh or two.
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